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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Get your keyboards ready to shred!!! The track "Sea Of Fate" off RHAPSODY OF FIREs new masterpiece "The Frozen Tears Of Angels" is playable on JamLegend from now on! Check it out HERE! Listen to the track at THIS location!



Sunday, 06 June 2010

Luca, Alex and Fabio proudly announce the 4th week of presence in the Italian charts of their new album “The Frozen Tears Of Angels”, a real top scorer for RHAPSODY OF FIRE.

After the entry of the new release at #31 in the beginning of May, such album resisted for 3 more weeks in the same chart at #43, #65 and #100. The 3 Italians would like to thank all the fans and journalists that trusted and supported heavily the band’s artistic proposal in the last months, as without them all this could have surely not happened!



Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rhapsody Of Fire entered in the EUROPEAN BILLBOARD CHART at position 59! It never happened before in the history of the band.


Rhapsody Of Fire in the charts!!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rhapsody Of Fire are proud to announce an epic come-back in the international charts thanks to their new album “The Frozen Tears Of Angels”, released on April 30, 2010 by Nuclear Blast.

Here the countries with the chart related positions:

  • ITALY #31

  • JAPAN #41

  • GERMANY #33

  • FRANCE #51

  • SWISS #39

  • BELGIUM #96

  • AUSTRIA #58

  • SPAIN #81

  • FINLAND #35


And here the first comment of the Rhapsody Of Fire’s band members:
“We are really amazed by the way this new album has been welcomed! We couldn’t expect such an incredible result and we thank for it all the people that during these years gave us their never-ending support. A special and felt “thank you” goes surely to Nuclear Blast, a great label and an ultra-professional team of people who enormously contributed to the success of our new release. “The Frozen Tears Of Angels” is a special album for us. Its composition has been an intimate journey of strong deep feelings and its immediate success means that someone out there was really able to get the emotional impact on which the album was built. We are looking forward to meeting you as soon as “THE FROZEN TOUR OF ANGELS” will bring us on the stages of the whole world. Peace and respect!!!”


Exclusive short interview with Luca Turilli

Saturday, 08 May 2010

Q: Hi Luca, which have been the reactions to the album “The Frozen Tears Of Angels” so far?

LT: I can just use one word: amazing!!!
With the exception of the first debut album “Legendary Tales” I sincerely don’t remember an album of Rhapsody that was welcomed and hyped in the same way from the people and from the international press too.
I want to say THANK YOU in the name of Rhapsody Of Fire to all the fans and to all the journalists that supported us in all these years and especially now!

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